Mobile and Electronic Devices

Our school does not allow unapproved digital and electronic devices to be brought to school as they are valuable and may be lost, stolen, broken and they can be disruptive to teaching and learning. However, we recognise that some students require access to a mobile phone for safety reasons when coming to school and from school, they may bring them to school subject to the following conditions:

  • Mobile phones are not to be used for any purpose on school premises or school activities e.g. camps and excursions.
  • Children are to hand their mobile phone to their teacher which will be stored safely in a locked cupboard. This will be returned to the child at the end of the day. 
  • Parents and carers can contact children by leaving a message with the school secretary. If children, in an emergency, require the use of a phone they should request the use of a phone at the front office.
  • Students found in possession of mobile phone between 9.00am and 3.15pm will have it confiscated immediately. The mobile phone will only be returned to a parent or guardian unless approved by leadership to be returned to the child. 

The possession and use of digital and electronic devices presents a number of challenges for the school, including: Digital and electronic devices can be valuable items and might render a student vulnerable to theft or the item being broken.

St Brigid's Digital Devices Policy