Performing Arts

Band Immersion Program

The long term aim of this program is to provide the opportunity for children to get a ‘head start’ to instrumental learning before heading to Xavier College or another secondary school. For this process to be successful, the importance of commencing learning an instrument at an early age cannot be overstated.  In the secondary school context, the decision to take up playing an instrument is less likely. With an early start, the benefits offer students the opportunity to perform at major cultural events around South Australia and interstate. This includes performing and competing at the annual “Generations in Jazz” event run by James Morrison, The Catholic Schools Music Festival, The ABODA Band Competition as well as the opportunity to perform or tour overseas as part a school’s Cultural Exchange program. This in itself can be an end goal, but the benefits of these opportunities include building collegiality and networking and creating contacts for the future beyond school. Some may also choose music as a viable a career path as teacher, performer, or access to the services such as SAPOL, or ADF.                                                    


  1. Significantly increase the number of students taking up learning a musical instrument(s)
  2. Specifically aim to increase the number of band or stringed instruments across the school. A ‘Band’ instrument would include Flute, Clarinet, Alto Saxophone, Trumpet and Trombone. A ‘Stringed’ instrument would include Violin or Cello.
  3. Create a pathway for music learning into secondary school with a particular relationship with Xavier College or other institutions or organisations.

Liturgical Band

A talented group of musicians who come together to provide music for our masses and school performances.

Instrumental Lessons

St Brigid's is currently offering instrumental lessons for the following instruments: Piano, Guitar, Voice, Drums, Violin, Saxophone, Clarinet, Flute and Recorder (a recorder ensemble will be starting shortly).

Individual lessons with our private tutors run for a half an hour and cost $28.00. Information is available from the front office or click here for contact information.


Students in Years 4 to 5 have the opportunity to train in a Junior Choir. Our junior choir participates in school performances, masses and supports the wider community (ie. Relay for Life, ANZAC Day Dawn Service and Nursing Home visits).

This is a preparatory Choir to help students develop their voice technique.

Students in Year 5 & 6 have an opportunity to participate in the Senior Choir which also becomes the Catholic Music Festival Choir. Each year we take 16-36 students to the Festival Theatre to sing with a massed children’s choir. This is organised in partnership with the Catholic Education Office. The amount of talent in our Catholic School System is staggering and we are very proud to be part of this celebration of music.